YPLS 2023 Kickoff

What’s Up YPNation?!?

It’s the email you’ve all been waiting for – refreshing the notifications on your phone for the last 48 hours thinking “when the hell are they gonna send out the kickoff email”?  Maybe you went through the panic stage where you worried you missed it.  Did the spam filter block it?  Did I get kicked out of the league?  Well, not yet!  

If you’re here for your 15th or your 1st year let me tell you about our awesome league.  We are the premier co-ed recreational softball league in Wichita.  We partner with small businesses to ensure that our league members have fun on and off the field.  The key word is fun!  Our season will stretch through July where we finish with a single elimination tournament to crown a champion.  One champion will be crowned for on the field play and we will also crown a champion for sponsor participation.  The team with the most robust and consistent attendance to the weekly sponsor will also be recognized as a champion.  

Our first sponsor is Chicken and Pickle.  They have graciously offered up their Be Amazing room for the whole league to gather in.  They have arranged for $20 Dim the Lights buckets and $3 Life Coach cans as well as continuing their happy hour food specials throughout our event!  The team with the largest number of registered superfans before the start of the evening will receive $100 towards a bar tab from the League.  Get your friends registered!

Attached in this email is the waiver.  Please sign and email or bring with you to the kickoff party.  

So come on out, get your jersey, meet your team, and have a little fun with us as we kick off the YP23 season!

WHO: YPLS 2023
WHEN: Wednesday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm
WHERE: Chicken and Pickle
1240 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS 67206

For the love of the game,

– The League