Signups Are Here!

What up YP Nation!

Don’t forget to set an alarm for the biggest ticket release since Queen Tay Tay’s Eras Tour broke Ticketmaster.  You will never find a better recreational co-ed softball league for young professionals in Wichita.  As a reminder, players are allowed to sign up with one other person.  They need to put you as their player partner as well in order to guarantee that you will be on the same team.  We do not need any Will Smith – Jada Pinkett – August Alsina triangles out there.  Shoot, some of you try and have more partners than Nick Cannon.  Let’s lock it down.  You pick your person and they pick you.  Superfans can pick whomever they want or however many jerseys they want so long as they pay for each one.  

We have an unofficial offer that if you design a new YPLS logo that we end up using for the shirseys, we will waive your registration fee.  Feel free to email any submissions to this account.  Deadline is when we go to order shirts, obvi.  


Who: Potential Softballers and Superfans

When: Wednesday March 8th @ 6:00 pm