2024 YPLS Season Registration


Happy New Year, Feliz Cumplianos and Bon Appetit.  I feel like a big brown bear that just woke up from hibernation and am ready to tackle the world.  I have the honor to announce that YPLS was franchised tagged and will be back for the 2024 season!!!  We may not have flown from Tokyo to LA to get the deal done, but the League has put in extra hours to make sure the 2024 season is the best one yet!  

In case you need a refresher, Young Professional League Softball is the penultimate recreational co-ed slow pitch softball league in South Central Kansas… and dare I say it… the lower west of the ENTIRE MIDWEST.  That’s right Oklahoma and Missouri.  You guys have sucky co-ed softball leagues compared to this one.  Why?  Cause this one puts you and fourteen brand new friends in monochromatic uniforms on the softball field every Wednesday evening from May through July and gets you tickets to the hottest local establishments in Wichita immediately following the games.  What more could a Wichitan dream of?  Free stuff?  Did you say free stuff?  Well, we got that too!  As a way to give back to the league members who pour their blood, sweat, achilles and tears into every game we have swag to give out.  It is literally impossible to leave this league as a loser.  

League spots disappear faster than Taylor Swift’s carbon credits, so make sure you set several alarms and calendar reminders.