About Us


The Young Professionals League of Softball was first established in 2007 when some young adults wisely thought a recreational sports league would offer a fun way to meet new people.  It worked.  Within a few years, the League was so successful that roster spots would fill a few hours after registration opened.  Over the years, the size of the league has swelled to 14 teams of 15 players led by volunteer coaches from their ranks.  Players can pick one or two players that they “want” paired with, but otherwise, roster assignments are random!  The League is steered and organized by a small, volunteer committee in charge of coordinating with the parks and sponsors, hiring local umpires to officiate games, and corralling coaches to ensure a fun atmosphere for all.  One of the tenets of the League is the desire to support local businesses.  We try and partner with local bars, restaurants, and food trucks to make sure that our participants are well sated after their game!  These relationships help support the league and allow us to offer a low-cost recreational activity for the young adult community in Wichita.  

In 2014, the passion for recreational sports grew to such a fervor that a Young Professionals’ League: Kickball was created to follow the summer softball season.  What better way to foster new friendships than relearning a playground game together?!?   The kickball season often ushers in the cooler Kansas weather and some great memories are made playing kickball in costumes.  

COVID-19 can’t knock our hustle.  Through partnering with and listening to local health professionals we’ve been able to continue the spirit of the League safely.  Our 250+ weekly participants are too many to take inside our local sponsors at any one time, but we hope to be able to return to normalcy in the future.  

From amateur to All-American, the league accepts everyone.  We have a minimum age of 21 to participate as we truly want to foster young professional development and networking.  Forever friendships have been forged, business plans have been hatched, and families have been started all thanks to the Young Professional Leagues.  We could not do anything without the support of our sponsors and our committed participants!  Hopefully, we see you out on the fields soon!

Thanks for checking us out,

– The League