All Players and Super Fans must fill out a waiver prior to playing and receiving a YPLS shirt.

YPLS Waiver download here

YPLS Rules and Regulations

  1. YPLS will play under USSSA rules except where noted below.
  2. Batter begins with a 1-1 count.  Second foul ball after two strikes is an out.
  3. If a male batter is walked and is followed by a female batter, the male batter takes second base and the female batter has the option of batting or taking first base.
  4. Both men’s and women’s softballs will be used.
  5. Game time is forfeit time.  There will be a 55 minute time limit.  The umpire’s watch will be the official timepiece.
  6. NO grace period will be allowed for starting games.  The umpire will declare a forfeit, if a team cannot fill the required number of legal players at the designated time.  It is your responsibility to have the team there on time.
  7. Game times will be 6 pm or 7 pm, on Wednesdays.
  8. A team will consist of 10 players on the playing field with the following exceptions:
    1. Each team must have at least 8 players present to start.
    2. Anyone showing up late would go to the bottom of the batting order.  Any void in the batting order created by a player leaving the game for any reason would constitute an out and that player could not return during the game.
    3. The batting line-up will consist of all players present.  No substitution is allowed in the line-up.
    4. Please make sure that line-ups are to the opposing team before game time.
    5. A minimum of three females are required on the field.  If one team does not have enough females present to fill the requirement, then an out will be taken in the batting order and a fielding position will be vacated for each female that is below the minimum.
    6. As long as the minimum number of females is satisfied, no auto out shall be taken for having less than 10 players.
  9. Team Rosters
    1. A player may not play for more than one team in a league and may not transfer to another team in that league.
    2. A maximum of 15 players may on the roster at any time.
    3. No one under the age of 21 years of age may play in the softball league.
  10. Home team is responsible for keeping score.
  11. A 10 run lead after 5 innings or a 15 run lead after 3 innings will constitute a game.  Four innings will constitute a game called due to weather and three and a half innings will constitute a game called due to weather if the home team is ahead.
  12. Team players and coaches are to be in matching colored shirts.
  13. No metal cleats/No illegal or altered bats.
    1. YPLS has chosen not to strictly adhere to the new USSSA bat rules.  We are allowing legacy USSSA approved bats into the league.
  14. Uniforms will be worn throughout the entire game.  If not in compliance with the rule, subject(s) will be expelled form the game.
  15. A player may opt for a courtesy runner at any point upon reaching base. Any male player in the lineup may run for any male, and any female player in the lineup may run for any female. Only one courtesy runner per gender per inning. The courtesy runner is not required to be the last out, but if the courtesy runner’s position in the batter order is up to bat and they are on base, the batter is out.
  16. Dug-Out
    1. All players and coaches must remain in the dugout except the batter, the on deck batter, and one coach each at first and third base coach’s box.
  17. Umpires:
    2. Umpires will not take abuse from players or coaches.  Excessive use of profane language by a team or player could result in an automatic ejection, and/or forfeit of the game being played.  If an ejection occurs, that individual/team is ejected from present and next game.  Any player or coach touching, bumping, or striking an official will be suspended from future league play and barred from the premises.
  18. All home runs in excess of three are an out for men.  Women get unlimited.
  19. Protests:
    1. Protest should be made by the coach to the umpire and opposing team coach immediately once the protesting event has occurred.  A formal protest must be sent to the by noon the next day.
  20. Post-Season:
    1. The Tie Breaker structure:
      1. Should any ties exist, head to head records is the first tie-breaker.
      2. Defensive runs allowed will be used if a tie still exists.
      3. If a tie can not be broken by the above tie breaker rules, it will be broken by random draw or coin flip.
      4. The tie breaker rules determine the higher seed.
    2. The Playoff tournament structure:
      1. Top 4 teams get a bye into the single elimination tournament.
      2. Seeds 5 through 12 will play in the first round.
      3. The higher seed (lower number) will be the home team throughout the playoffs.
      4. Championship game is not time bound.  7 innings or normal run rule will constitute a complete game.
      5. Seeds 13 and 14 will play in a consolation game at 6 on the second week.