Game 8 Reminder

YPLS Players,

Outstanding week of games and turnout at Loft150! Props to Turquoise for having the first perfect 17 player sponsor appreciation count, and a commanding lead in the current standings.

The league would like to offer a special thanks to the coordinators of the lake event this past weekend: Justin Westhoff and James Wagner. The pink YPLS signs were a huge help finding the group. THANK YOU to all those that provided boats, jet skis, floaties, life jackets, sun block, bug spray, etc.

This week we travel west to our co-presenting sponsor Dudley’s. Dudley’s is on the North side of 21ststreet just east of Tyler Rd.

Short list of reminders:
Home team coaches must email the games scores to each week.
Encourage players and fans to recycle their aluminum cans in the bags provided in each dugout.
When picking up the bases, you MUST put the orange caps in the base receptacles.
The complete schedule is posted on the YPLS website.
Should a rainout occur, we’ll still meet at Dudley’s at 7pm on Wednesday.
Hydraulic is North bound traffic only for the next few weeks. We will need to access the fields from Mt Vernon or Pawnee to Hydraulic.

The League

Rank Team Wins Losses Participation
1 Army Green 5 2 28
1 Charcoal 5 2 35
1 Dark Green 5 2 27
4 Brown 4 3 21
4 Denim 4 3 33
4 Red 4 3 38
4 Turquoise 4 3 44
8 Blue 3 4 30
8 Navy 3 4 22
8 Rust 3 4 37
11 Kiwi 2 5 38
12 Grey 0 7 37