YPLS Week One!

Happy Belated Birthday to all the Mama’s out there.  And the baby’s mama’s mamas, mamas’ mamas’ mamas’ mamas.

With nothing but sunshine and whiskey on the forecast I am stoked to say that it is officially game time!  Big thanks to Chicken and Pickle for hosting our kickoff party and treating us like the VIPLS that I think we are.  Several of you even got to leave with some free swag that has actual retail value way more than you paid to be in the league!  Anyone else read “actual retail value” in the voice of Bob Barker?  Anyways, make sure you snap a photo at spin.ICT and tag us on the ‘gram, post a story taking the B12 shot in the buttcheek or facetime us while you’re on your Bumble date at Doma.  We want and deserve to be included in your use of the merch.  Don’t be shy @yplswichita on insta.

Couple league refreshers.  Slowpitch softball is a game of skill in which a pitcher must deliver an underhand pitch rising at least 3 feet above release point and crossing over the plate in a batter’s “hitting zone”.  Yada yada yada bing bang boom game over and my team wins.  The actual rules are posted on the website but briefly we start with a 1-1 count and have the “courtesy foul” rule.  Fielding is 7/3 at least but we encourage 6/4 if everyone on the team shows up.  Each team gets three home runs per game.  Hopefully everyone’s coaches have reached out to them and you’ve been able to squeeze in a few practices.  Real ball buster that gal.  

This week after our games the League will be taking its talents to R3volution Lounge.  One of the O.G. sponsors of YPLS, Rev will have to beats dropping and the drinks slopping.  I don’t know what it means either but it’s provocative and rhymes, okay. SPECIALS are $3 Calls and $3 Wells, $4 Premium and $4 bomb digities.  And brand new to YPLS!!! Egg Cetera located right across the street is going to open up as a food option from 7 to 930pm.  They will be offering steak and chicken tacos, quesadillas, rice and beans and chips and salsa.  This is by far the most exciting night you’ll have this week, so let’s do all the things.