Week 5 Reminder

YPLS Players,

With the first 1/3 of the season in the books, we want to extend much thanks and appreciation to our Players and Super Fans for the strong support demonstrated at our sponsor locations each week.  Without your commitment, the face and dynamic of the league would be very different.  Please keep this momentum going into the Summer!

This week, we make our second visit to Finn’s, located in Old Town (131 N. Rock Island St.).   Finn’s will have personal‐sized pizzas available for purchase, as well as,  2‐4‐1 specials on a majority of their available  beverages.  Please join everyone at Finn’s after your game.  For those of you who are still awaiting your T‐shirt, they are in and will be available at the fields this week.  Check with your coach or a league organizer on Wednesday.   Although we had some heavy rain the past week, we anticipate all games being a go tomorrow.

The games are played at Linwood Park 1901 S. Kansas, 135 and Harry.  Games start at 6pm and 7pm sharp, so please bethere a few minutes before game time to get warmed up.  Finally, thank you for continuing to make this league a success, and as always, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email and ask

‐The League


Rank Team Wins Losses Run Differential
1 Kiwi 3 0 26
1 Charcoal 3 0 8
3 Green 2 1 14
3 Red 2 1 10
3 Blue 2 1 8
3 Yellow 2 1 -7
7 Grey 1 2 -1
7 Maroon 1 2 -5
7 Brown 1 2 -9
7 Turquoise 1 2 -12
11 Purple 0 3 -6
11 Orange 0 3 -26