Oct 2nd Games – Rainout

Hey Kickers!
I’m no meteorologist – in fact I always thought meteorologists were the nerds wearing lab coats down at NASA who stared into space to identify big rocks that studs like Bruce Willis would then fly up to and blow up before they crashed into Earth – but I have it on good authority that a big storm is settling in over Wichita.  A little mud can make for fun kickball.  Having to canoe around the bases is problematic.  Because of this we are going to cancel the games tonight.  There is a rainout week built into the schedule, so you won’t be missing any kickball.  
We WILL still be going to EMERSON BIGGINS at Old Town and raffling off prizes.  I have it on good authority that there may even be some gift cards that can be used at another sponsor coming up.  Raffles start at 7pm tonight.  Attendance will still count towards your team total and will be combined with the score during the rainout week.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the bar!  Please wear your shirt.  Shoes and Shorts are optional.  Actually, check that, they are definitely required. 
Stay dry,

– The League