YPLS Week 10

What’s up my YPeeps?!?!

This week’s a ten, but it’s going to be hot as balls.  The Maroon Merengued their way out of the toilet bowl projection with a decisive win over Gold.  The Forest Foxtrots, Red Robots and Light Pink Pop and Locking all won to maintain a tie at the top of the standings.  And while Royal Blue dropped their game against Red they were able to shake it off better than any other tribute and win the twerk challenge!  If you weren’t there you might have missed the best contributions to modern dance since the Macarena.  You never know what’s going to pop off at the sponsor bar, so you have to show up to know up.  Or something like that.  

This week our marquee matchup is Light Pink v Forest at 6pm on the East Field.  The late game of Green @ Hot Pink is also must see softball as they each look to bounce back into number one seed contention.  Rust and Gold are oxidizing on Field 4 at 6pm to see if one can climb out of the toilet bowl.  Our sponsor this week is perennial favorite, Emerson Biggins Old Town!!  They’ll be serving up the frostiest beers this side of the Arkansas just for the VIYPs.  As always make sure you’re there late enough to be eligible for the raffle prizes!

For all interested parties: The YPL Kickball League sign ups go live today, Tuesday 7/12/22 at 6pm.  Tell your friends!!