YPLK Sign-Ups Are Here!

Sup Kitches,

The time has come. I’ve heard you all pining. I get it. We got you hooked like the perc30s from Washington and 1st. We’re hotter than Bradley Fair after a fireworks show. We’re younger than the Olde Professionals Kickball League. #TripleThreat

Kickball 2023 is officially ready to go. If you’ve never heard of us… where TF you been? We are THE rizziest coed kickball league in South Central Kansas. Our 14 teams face off over an 11 week season spanning August through November with a 2 week playoff crowing our champions! Heading into our tenth season some have asked if we actually invented kickball. Great question and I can see why you’d ask that. The answer is no, but we just do it better. Our players, superfans, coaches and sponsors are what make our league great. So don’t be the asshole adding rumple to our special koolaid. 

Signups will go live next week! This league assigns teams after signups. You can pick one person to pair with (assuming they pick you). Save the three-ways for the hot tub. And yous guys trying to get four or more… y’all are freaks (call me 😉). The first week of the season is August 30th and that’s when we get together, teams are revealed and everyone gets their jersey. That gives you two months to find a friend, warm up the hamstrings and work on kicking related pickup lines. (Hey gurl, I’ve been a rover my whole life but with you I think I’ve found the catcher to my pitcher). 

Just like YPLS we are having an open call to design the new league logo for jerseys! If your design is chosen you get free admission to the league. Send any renderings to this email. Secure your place of immortality.

League registration fills up quicker than Matt Rife’s front row, so make sure to set your calendar reminders! Our GO LIVE will be Thursday, July 6th at 6:00 pm.  The K23 is already shaping up to be the best year ever.