Tournament Reminder

YPLS Players & Super Fans,

We have made it to the first week of the tournament. Congratulations to Blue for finishing 1st in the regular season and taking the top seed in the tournament. The tournament bracket can be found on the next page. Please note that some of you may be playing 2 games so be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Congratulations to Maroon for their dominating win in the sponsor appreciation competition this year. Their players and super fans did a great job showing up each and every week. They will be awarded this week at Hooters.

Thanks to everyone for the great effort this year in making the sponsor part of the competition fun, and a big thanks to the coaches for trying to keep track of their teams each night!

Maroon also won the last 3 week session of sponsor appreciation by 3 people over Blue. Since they have won a session already, we will be giving Blue the prizes this week at Hooters as well.

~The League