Game 4 Reminder

YPLS Mud Ballers…
All things considering, we think the games went well last week. We’ve got another data point for tolerable field conditions, which will help us make better decisions in the future..
For the first time this year we’ll be visiting Indigo, located on Mosley between Douglas and 1ststreet, map. There’ll be food provided and an awesome 241 drink special. Bring the whole team and superfansfor some rooftop enjoyment!
The sponsor appreciation race is neck and neck with Kiwi and Rust tied for the lead after three weeks. Grey and Red are only one player behind and Turquoise is just one off their numbers.
All games are played at Linwood Park 1901 S. Kansas, 135 and Harry. Games start at 6pm and 7pm sharp, so please be there a few minutes before game time to get warmed up.
In the event of a rainout, The League will notify the managers and the managers are responsible for passing the word on to you. No news is good news, so assume the games are on unless otherwise notified. Should a rainout occur, we’ll still meet at Club Indigo at 7pm.
Thank you for continuing to make this league a success, and as always, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email and ask.
The League
Rank Team Wins Losses Participation
1 Brown 3 0 28
1 Dark Green 3 0 29
3 Army Green 2 1 31
3 Denim 2 1 29
3 Red 2 1 35
6 Blue 1 1 28
6 Charcoal 1 1 29
6 Kiwi 1 1 36
6 Navy 1 1 14
6 Rust 1 2 36
6 Turquoise 1 2 34
12 Grey 0 3 35