2017 Week 3 Reminder

Greetings YPLKers!

What a drama-filled week of kickball!!  The scoreboard was filled with close games as several came down to the last kicker.  And on this day of remembrance I can’t help but give a shoutout to Team Lime for once again coordinating outfits with an America theme!   The marquee matchup this week pits two undefeated teams: The Red Robins vs the Maroon Meerkats at 7pm.

Also, great turnout again at Industry league!!  The party was bumping and I think it was clear everyone not affiliated with the league was jealous of our matching t-shirts.  I had so much fun that I think we should try something similar this Wednesday!  Aero Plains has said Gaga’s Grub will have tacos and nachos available to purchase!   Few things pair better with adult beverages like tacos and nachos.   So, I think we should all hang out!

Who: YPLKers
What: Week 3 Games!
     6pm games
PURPLE (0-2) @ ORANGE (1-1)
ICE BLUE (1-1) @ LIME (1-2)
YELLOW (1-1) @ BLUE (1-1)
     7pm games
ICE BLUE (1-1) @ PURPLE (0-2)
RED (2-0) @ MAROON (2-0)
PINK (1-1) @ GREEN (1-1)
GOLD (1-1) @ GREY (2-0)
Where: All games take place at WESTSIDE ATHLETIC FIELDS.
Address: 571 N McLean BLVD.
The sponsoring bar this week is Aero Plains Brewery
Address is 117 N. Handley St.
Food by Gaga’s Grub
Obligatory Mumbo Jumbo: If you still need to pay or fill out a waiver, please do so.  T-shirts will still be available at the field or Aero Plains if you need to pick yours up.  Keep recruiting people to the league!  The more people you add to your Superfan list the easier it is for you to win the after competition!
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