2013 Tournament

YPLS Players & Super Fans,
We’ve made to the last and final week of the 7th YPLS season. Thank you to everyone for a successful season. We will be having an end of the season party at Club Indigo. There will be lots of door prizes that we will be giving away including a 32” TV and an iPad mini. In order to receive a raffle ticket for those door prizes you must wear your 2013 YPLS shirt and you must fill out a year end survey.
The specials at Club Indigo for this final week are:
Free taco dinner for YPLS members provided by Playa Azul
Even if your team isn’t playing this week, be sure to come out and cheer on the final 4 teams playing as well as the consolation game between Orange and Yellow. Then join us at Club Indigo immediately following the championship game for the awards ceremony for the winning team and we can begin handing out door prizes.
All games are played at Linwood Park 1901 S. Kansas, 135 and Harry. Games start at 6pm and 7pm sharp, so please be there a few minutes before game time to get warmed up. Thank you for continuing to make this league a success, and as always, if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email and ask.
-The League