2012 YPLS Pub Crawl

Here’s an update to this weekend’s upcoming pub crawl.

Meet at 6:30pm at Indigo (126 North Mosley Street) in Old Town. Pizza will be provided before we depart.
Once we leave Indigo, we’ll visit a few sponsors around town including Oasis, Dudley’s, and Mulligans.
We will return downtown to visit a potential new sponsor, Fat Tony’s. After that, the buses will return us to Old Town sometime before midnight.

Before we leave Indigo we’ll have a drawing for prizes so be sure to get there on time to get your name in. Prizes include picking your 2012 team color, getting an additional friend on your 2012 team, gift cards, and even a cash prize!

There’s still time to sign up if you haven’t already!
Sign up here:

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~the league